Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Year, New Music Clubs!

Hi choir and mass band members and anyone else participating in music clubs at Frank Ryan this year! Thank you for participating and lending your talents to our school. We're so fortunate to have a group of students like you who want to get involved and represent their school in a creative and musical way. Kudos to you!

On this site you'll find updates about practice times, links to lyrics and songs, and important information about upcoming performances. Please check back every so often and sing along at home to practice.

This year we're running a few different music clubs. You're welcome to join them all if you have the time and interest. The more the merrier! Our music clubs are:

1. Mass Band. This is a group of students who will perform at the school masses. If you play an instrument, this can be a great way to gain some performance experience. Everyone who participates will also be required to sing the different parts. This group practices twice a week during the three weeks leading up to a school mass.

2. Performance Choir. This is a vocal music group that will perform at school assemblies and other special events. We sing pop songs mostly selected by the students. Starting after October 15th.

3. Beginner Guitar Club. Starting in November, once a week after school for an hour. This is open to students who are interested in learning the guitar. It is a beginner club, for students who think they might be interested in the guitar but don't want to buy one until they've tried it. If you have a guitar at home you are just starting to learn on, you can bring that. Otherwise, we have some guitars here you can use.

4. Rock Band. Starting after March Break. This is a full rock band open to students with experience on an instrument or singing. Last year our band played Bluesfest!

Join one, or join them all!

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